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Head Teacher Newsletter - September 2019

Dear Parent/Carer,

We are almost at the end of our first term with the October holiday ahead. Already it has been a very busy term with lots of valuable learning opportunities for our pupils. I would also like to say a huge 'well done' to all our pupils who have settled well into school and nursery life.


Can I please remind everyone of the medication policy for West Lothian Schools. If a pupil requires medication to be administered during the school day their parent/carer must complete the necessary paperwork and return it to the school office. The school CANNOT administer any medication without this consent form.

Paper copies can be obtained from the school office or from the school website under the heading...

About our school

Policies and Procedures

Parents' Night Wednesday 9th of October 2019

Please check your child's bag for a parents' night slip as appointments will be given out on a first come first serve basis. All parents should report to the main entrance of the school as the evening will be hosted in the largest main hall with adequate seating for those parents awaiting appointments. All parents/carers must supervise any children they are bringing with them.

As per our last parental evening, parents will be asked to complete an evaluation or questionnaire for school self-evaluation purposes. Many thanks in advance for this.

Mrs Rist and Miss Sloan will be available for Primary 1 parental appointments.

Thank you

I would also like to extend a big thank you to Mr Ross and Mr Berry who answered our SOS call last week for the nursery outdoor area. They both put in a tremendous amount of work in a short time as they made a huge difference to the area by dismantling decking, building up the benches, filling the skip and clearing out a very untidy area. They were supported by our nursery staff , Mrs Hall and Mrs Dalziel.

Thank you for supporting the pupils of St Anthony's.

I Pay Impact

West Lothian Council STRONGLY encourages the use of I Payimpact to ensure our schools are cash free. Please speak to school staff if you are having difficulty setting up or managing your account as ALL school milk and school dinners should be paid through this system. A separate letter will be issued regarding IPayimpact.


Mrs Gillies is fast approaching a significant milestone in her career and as she has always maintained she now plans to retire to celebrate and enjoy her time away from school. Mrs Gillies has worked in St Anthony's for 22 years in her role of support for learning teacher. This has been an ever evolving and demanding role as there is only one Mrs Gillies for nearly 300 pupils. In my time working with Mrs Gillies she has been an invaluable member of staff who works tirelessly to ensure we are doing our very best for the pupils of St Anthony's. Her dedication to her role and the ever increasing workload means we will have a huge gap to fill within the school. We wish Mrs Gillies a very happy and healthy retirement. God Bless Mrs Gillies.

And finally, 'Congratulations' to Mrs Daly on her new post within a different local authority. Mrs Daly has been an excellent class teacher who will be missed by pupils, parents and staff however she is looking forward to having the same school holidays as her family. Good luck and God Bless Mrs Daly.

Warmest regards

Mrs Johanne Gardner

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